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Regina sexy scar Mills

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Emma adorable Swan | 3x18 

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Dr. Maura Cute Isles

"This was my reaction about the OQ kiss…"

"It’s little more Latina than your tongue is used to, chica. Here, let me help you to say my name right. You might need it later."

—Eva “Papi” Torres - Livin’ La Vida Loca - 4x02
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Passa umas fics boas de SQ pleease Pode ser em ingles ou portugues
- Anonymous

Opa! Lógico que sim.

em Inglês:

- https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8765570/1/He-Gets-That-From-Me

- https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9284109/1/Earth-Angel

- https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9841891/1/Another-Sleeping-Curse-II-Torpid-Wakening

- https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9252962/1/Transgressions-of-the-Heart

- https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10028750/1/Popcorn-Love

Em Português:

- http://fanfiction.com.br/historia/454628/A_single_death_sentence_is_not_enough/ (Essa é uma das minha preferidas, de longe. <3)

- https://fanfiction.com.br/historia/467517/Por_toda_a_minha_vida/ (Essa também tem um espaço enorme no meu coração shipper SQ)

- http://m.fanfiction.com.br/historia/491836/Broken_Crown/

- https://fanfiction.com.br/historia/492451/Sweet_tender_loving_Queen

- http://fanfiction.com.br/historia/494683/Take_Care/

Eu tenho mais uns links aqui, se você quiser mais, é só falar. beijobeijo ;)

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Lauren: “You claim me ?”

Evony: "Honey, I don’t need to claim your clam to claim you.”

4.12 Origin/It Begins - Lost Girl

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Jessica Capshaw: appreciation outfit

Fanfiction time

0.23am : alright time for some fanfiction
0.30am : this one looks promising
0.55am : this thing has 14 chapters!? Why haven't I read this before!?
1.17am : it's actually pretty good
1.23am : omg
1.34am : awwwww they are so cute!!!
1.57am : no... wait... NO WHATS GOING ON NO SWAN COME BACK!!!
2.20am : hold on let me change position my back hurts *rolls onto stomach and keeps reading*
2.35am : OOOOOH this is gonna be good...
2.46am : omgomgomgomg my babies
3.10am : what am I even doing with my life T_T
*for the record I'm reading 'I'll take note of that' - currently on chapter 10*

Angie Harmon: appreciation outfit