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Jessica Capshaw: appreciation outfit

Fanfiction time

0.23am : alright time for some fanfiction
0.30am : this one looks promising
0.55am : this thing has 14 chapters!? Why haven't I read this before!?
1.17am : it's actually pretty good
1.23am : omg
1.34am : awwwww they are so cute!!!
1.57am : no... wait... NO WHATS GOING ON NO SWAN COME BACK!!!
2.20am : hold on let me change position my back hurts *rolls onto stomach and keeps reading*
2.35am : OOOOOH this is gonna be good...
2.46am : omgomgomgomg my babies
3.10am : what am I even doing with my life T_T
*for the record I'm reading 'I'll take note of that' - currently on chapter 10*

Angie Harmon: appreciation outfit

Sasha Alexander: appreciation outfit

Jennifer Morrison: appreciation outfit

 Lauren: Hey Babe! I was waiting for you.

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  • Orphan Black Countdown;days

2 days

2 days

2 days

2 days


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[Donnie internally wondering why Alison is speaking about herself in the third person all the sudden]

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Hello Dr. Hotpants!

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Esqueci de agradecer pelo follow (sou cabecinha de vento mesmo haha), seguindo de volta Fluffy :D
- yes-madam-mayor

*soltando fogos* é uma honra ter uma seguidora ilustre como você. tô tremendo, Rosana! e prepare sua ask, pq eu vou lotar ela com meus comentários sobre a sua fic. 3bjs.

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Angie “beautiful” Harmon

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inspired by x

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